AT THE end of October I was told the zebra crossing on Bullar Road would be repainted, having first raised the matter with my local councillors on September 10 (back then I was told that the crossing would be re-painted within the next six weeks).

My city councillor, Ivan White, said Balfour Beatty were going to repaint the zebra crossing in mid-November, together with the rest of Bullar Road.

We are now in the second half of November and nothing has happened.

As you can see from my photograph, the crossing is virtually invisible. It is used throughout the day, and most particularly by children at either end of the school day.

We are almost at the shortest day of the year and drivers need hazards to be clearly highlighted. Pedestrians may know that the crossing is there but without local knowledge motorists won’t be aware.

Apart from renewing the paintwork, the Belisha beacons need to be surmounted with coronets of yellow lights, as they are elsewhere in the city.

It might be an idea if the crossing were moved further up Bullar Road since there is a concentration of hazards for drivers to negotiate within a space of 100 metres – the zebra crossing, a pinch point, a give way junction with the gyratory system, and traffic lights with Bitterne Road.

How much longer must pedestrians go in fear of being knocked down and injured/killed on a designated crossing, and equally how much longer must motorists be placed at a disadvantage with an almost invisible hazard?

I brought the matter to the council’s attention more than two months ago and diddly-all has happened since then, except for empty assurances.

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