ANGRY residents are campaigning for changes at an “inhuman” junction and say it takes seven minutes for a pedestrian to cross.

The group of cyclists and pedestrians are demanding changes to the “nightmare” crossing at junction at Bitterne Road West, Athelstan Road and Bullar Road.

Now more than 700 people have signed a petition calling for Highways England to make a combined cyclist and pedestrian crossing at the spot next to Bitterne Station.

Campaigner Liz Batten from Clear Air Southampton says the spot is one of the most polluted in the city, that children are being forced to wait for up to seven minutes to get from one side to the other, and that children from schools in the area use the road.

A spokesperson for the organisers of the petition said: “It takes seven minutes to cross as a pedestrian with the lights, so people take risks running across.

“There’s no safe cycle route, but it could be much safer with a few dropped kerbs and some paint.

“It is monstrous that the proposed Highways England scheme does not take this into account.

“We need a regular combined pedestrian/cyclist phase over this dangerous junction. Also pavement alteration for bikes by the derelict hairdresser and opposite for bikes, a crossing point is needed from the station across to Athelstan Road, over just Bitterne Road West instead of multiple crossings.

“Traffic calming is needed by the concrete blocks on Bullar Road, as the crossing is often ignored by vehicles.”

Writing on the petition page one angry resident said: “It cuts right through a residential area and is passable only at great risk to life and limb. Utterly inhuman. Urban planning this bad should be a criminal offence.”

Lyn Brayshaw added: “A car went over zebra crossing even though a big group of visible people were waiting. It often happens as drivers are not concentrating enough.”

City transport chief Councillor Jacqui Rayment did not respond to a request for comment.