HE'S a crooner turned children's author.

New Forest favourite Liam White is best known for his Buble Experience Show, a tribute act packed full of Michael Buble hits, swing and big band standards.

But the 24-year-old singer, songwriter and musician is now hoping to become the next Julia Donaldson.

The talented performer has written his debut novel, Timmy The Lonely Christmas Tree.

Timmy's search to find a lovely home for Christmas has been illustrated by Amy Leonard, who also lives in the Forest.

Liam describes it as a Gruffalo style book perfect for children aged between three and eight.

He said: "'I've always loved writing rhymes and had always wanted to take on the challenge of creating a children's book. Myself, my brother & sister grew up with rhymes written for us every birthday by our Dad, and he still does the same today!

"The idea of Timmy came to me whilst walking my border collie, Summer up in the woods one day in January. I looked over to the shop where we go to buy our Christmas Tree every year, and saw a couple of very sad looking trees, still stood there waiting for Christmas to happen... This got me thinking, do we ever think about what happens to the trees that don't get picked for Christmas?!'

The book will be for sale at all of Liam's festive gigs this Christmas.

Timmy The Lonely Christmas Tree is priced £4.99 and is also available from timmythetree.com