THE majority of Saints fans are appalled by what has happened to our club, yet none of the media are willing to ask the hard questions or demand straight answers we can all understand.

I believe serious misrepresentations have been made to supporters again and again and those making the statements haven’t been held to account.

One can be sure that if a salesman made such promises and was found not to keep to them, the punishment would be harsh. It appears, though, that if you mislead tens of thousands of fans, that is perfectly okay.

Would the owners have profited from so many season ticket sales, merchandising and sponsorship if the true intentions of the owners had been made clear?

If the fans had been told the club was for sale, that the best players would always be sold, that the intention is to increase the value of the club short term, that the new owner actually does not plan to invest in the club itself, that it would be sold with £210 million of new debt by an owner who informed the fans that Cortese’s debt was untenable, that there was no intention to create any circumstances that would see us challenging for the league whatsoever, would the club have received the fans support and money?

The answer is a resounding ‘no’ and to my mind were such representations made in any other business it would fall under ‘misrepresentation’ at best, intention to defraud at worst.

These are my opinions and those of many supporters of SFC.

Eddie Nicholi

Chamby, Switzerland