IT SEEMS that Southampton Airport currently has aeroplane movement every five minutes. This is creating a constant noise nuisance across Eastleigh and Southampton. Yet the airport wants to double its capacity by extending the runway and bringing larger more noisy aircraft.

What will this mean for us:

  • More noise pollution making the area an awful place to live.
  • More exhaust gasses in a town that already has illegal levels of air pollution.
  • More traffic congestion in an area that is already clogged up.
  • More outside visitors to the airport who have no interest in Eastleigh and Southampton.
  • Most airports are built away from towns to minimize the problems.

Expanding the airport is not the right thing to do. Moving it would be a better solution.

The Green Party total opposes such expansion on the basis it will only help to accelerate climate change and shorten the lives of everyone. The airport expansion should be opposed by everyone. When it comes to the ballot, make sure you vote for people who are against expanding this future nightmare.

Ron Meldrum

Green Party