IN REPLY to D Baker on ABP’s cycle plans (letters, November 22), I see a lot of people cycling to the docks at 6.30am, in all weathers. Very many of the ABP staff have all-weather high-vis gear on, so won’t worry about a bit of rain!

I have just spent a great long weekend in Copenhagen where 60% of people cycle to work. It feels so much safer and immensely quicker having separate cycle lanes to pedestrian and car lanes.

A fairly decent bike does not really cost much when you think how much you save in fuel and especially parking fees, which would be over £2,000 a year for me in the Bedford Place area.

I’ve had my bike for over five years, so that’s ten grand saved, and I get to stop everywhere without paying. Hoorah!

If we had decent infrastructure, most local people would cycle. I can’t see it happening, however.

Gregory Pearce