SOUTHAMPTON council is attempting to reduce pollution in and around the city. May I suggest several ways in which to do this?

Demand that Blue Star and First Bus reduce their ridiculous timetables! At the moment (I live in Weston) there are First Buses running every seven minutes (or supposed to). My question: why? Most are running with just a minute or two between them and most times literally right behind each other, and empty!

Now Blue Star has joined in the fray, covering Weston, as well as First Bus. Admittedly Blue Star does travel beyond the city centre but come on, this is, madness – it creates pollution and is a total waste of time. Even the drivers look bored out of their brains!

Also I believe the First Bus number three to Thornhill and the city suffers the same stupid timetable – seven minutes! Once again: why?

It would be nice for the bus companies and SCC to respond but, I doubt they will so the pollution will carry on.

Richard Mainwaring