A SOUTHAMPTON man is on a journey of kindness this Christmas.

Adam Carley will spend this Christmas travelling 3,500 miles across America, relying solely on the kindness of strangers to help him on his journey.

He is aiming to raise the profile of mental illness by stepping out of comfort zones, embracing generosity, facing fear and demonstrating that kindness is still a strong and positive, particularly at Christmas.

"Christmas can be a lonely time of year for many individuals." He said.

"For some, being away from family, out of step with routines and going through various emotional and physical hardships is very stressful.

"More has to be done to help those that suffer alone at this time of year and to help raise awareness that it’s not just a Christmas and winter issue; people are suffering all year long.

"People need to reach out more, challenge others to embrace what scares them, and feel safe and confident to discuss their problems openly. Why should kindness only be given at Christmas?"

Adam lost his mother by suicide after watching her fight a losing battle with depression for nearly 20 years, and he hopes to engage with strangers and bring the subject of depression and mental health into the light.

He is hoping to raise funds and support for Mind Uk and Sailors' society, who work to support those in need.

Although he's looking for support, donations and sponsorship, Adam has paid for his flights and is trying to secure equipment.

He is hoping to video-log his journey on YouTube and stay with strangers along the way.

He will arrive in New York on December 14, and is looking to leave Los Angeles on January 4, giving him 21 days to complete the challenge.