CAN you give either of these pets a forever home? These pets are currently residents at the Blue Cross Rehoming Centre near West End, Southampton.

Monty is a 1-year-old bunny who is looking for a girlfriend to move in with. He is very friendly and inquisitive, and loves spending time with his human pals. Monty loves receiving lovely head rubs, but it doesn’t compare to snuggling up to another bunny. He’d love to have a spacious outdoor hutch or a bunny-proofed indoor home. Monty loves hopping around and exploring the garden.

Alfie is an 11-year-old cat who is very connected with his inner kitten. He is super sociable, loves chatting away, and is incredibly playful. You’ll often find him rolling around with a toy between his paws. He loves being in the company of his human friends. He could live with school-age children, but will need a few little dates at the centre before he packs his bags to move to his new forever home. Alfie would also like to be your one-and-only pet.