SO THE Met police officer may be prosecuted for ramming a moped?

The moped was being ridden in a dangerous manner, the 17-year-old rider was not wearing a helmet, did not have a licence or insurance.

When discharged from hospital, he pleaded guilty to five offences including theft. Tactical contact (TC) has been in the news a good deal recently and has been endorsed by the prime minister. There has been an upsurge in the use of mopeds, scooters and motorbikes used in all types of crimes, such as phone snatching, muggings, etc, before racing off. The police had become powerless to stop them, as almost all chases have to be aborted when these idiots go off-road, onto pavements, and down narrow alleys where police cannot follow, sticking two fingers up and mocking police attempts to stop them.

So how can they be stopped?

My personal choice would be to shoot them off, as this method would have the added advantage of no damage to the police car, thus saving the taxpayer repair bills. I'm pretty sure that my method won't be adopted so tactical contact seems to be the only way. Every case of TC is investigated as, quite rightly, no police tactic can ever be used with impunity as it's a matter of whether it's reasonable and proportionate to the circumstances.

Diane Abbott (shadow home secretary) said "It's potentially very dangerous".

There's no potentially about it, it is dangerous, but what is the alternative and why should these criminals be allowed to commit these offences time after time up and down the country?

If Diane Abbott's mum was a victim of this type of crime, she may think again.

We have all seen videos of gangs using sledgehammers to smash their way into shops such as jewellers and escape on two wheels.

Tactical contact, you know it makes sense.

Brian Chambers