CONGRATULATIONS to Harry Redknapp, not only for winning I'm a Celebrity, but also sustaining a marriage for 54 years to a wife he obviously loves just as much after more than half a century since tying the knot.

But spare a thought, Harry, for thousands of a slightly older vintage, who were separated from their partners by war, for years – if not for eternity.

One of the tenets of the show has always been the certainty of the tension caused by familial separation to create entertaining TV. Up until recently any form of communication with loved ones was taboo, we were led to believe, at least. Now we hear (Echo, Saturday) that Harry had a hug with the missus a couple of days before Sunday's finale. Surely, he could have lasted three weeks without her before collapsing into a heap?

The odd grim ordeal aside, it's starting to look a little too much like a paid holiday.

Terry Hickman