A CONSTRUCTION firm with offices in Hampshire is urging parents to keep their children away from playing on sites over Christmas.

Stepnell regional construction chief Rob Speirs has issued the message to avoid injuries and deaths caused by children gaining access to building sites.

Many construction projects close down for Christmas, which leaves them unmanned and accessible for children to enter and treat as if they are adventure playgrounds.

The message has also been issued to other members of the construction community, to ensure they are not easily accessible during the festive period.

Rob Speirs said: “To a child who doesn’t understand the dangers, a building site with its scaffolding and heavy plant equipment looks like an exciting place to play when in fact it’s a treacherous and potentially fatal attraction.

“Youngsters are often unaware of these hazards, so we’re asking parents, guardians and members of the community to reinforce this message and keep children away from playing on or near building sites.

“We all have a part to play in keeping them safe."