THERE have been so many letters written about Brexit on this page, but not one has mentioned a much deeper reason for leaving the EU.

We have become so secular both in our lifestyle and thinking that few people have considered a power far greater than any earthly power - that of God Himself. Surely we would be wise to seek His plans and purposes for the UK and consider a different aspect altogether.

I would like to share some excerpts from a German Christian businessman, Berthold Becker, who writes:

“From my perspective, Brexit is primarily of spiritual rather than of economic importance. The road to Brexit has been rough so far. No wonder! The enemy is very upset and does not want Britain to leave the EU. We need to see that there is a tremendous spiritual battle going on over Britain and Brexit. I believe that the intercessors, both in Britain and on the continent, need to stop discussing the pros and cons of Brexit (which are mainly economic) and join in united prayer for Brexit. We need to proclaim that Brexit is from the Lord and that it has to serve His purposes and not those of mammon. We also need to break any spirit of disunity, arrogance, deception, intimidation and jealousy which is presently affecting the British and EU governments.

“From a political point of view, the British government does not need to behave defensively, nor does it need to appease the EU. Negotiations should be absolutely on equal terms, instead of ‘humbly applying’ to be accepted for future participation in the EU market and even offering advance concessions, the British government should remember that the EU presently benefits from a 100 billion euro trade surplus p.a (Germany alone 40 billion euros) and therefore, Britain should define what is good for her and how the EU can have a free marketexchange with Britain after Brexit.”

(David Hathaway ‘The Rape of Europe’)

Pearl Miller