"IT HAPPENS on a regular basis."

Those are the words of lorry driver Simon Northcliffe after he became a victim of road rage on the M27.

A video, filmed from the 46-year-old's dashboard, captures the moment a motorist in a Mitsubishi attempted to join the motorway from Rownhams Services slip road, before repeatedly slamming on the brakes and giving Simon the middle finger.

The HGV driver, from Dudley in the West Midlands said: "I was coming past Rownhams and saw an Evo make progress along the slip road.

"He made no effort to move and get ahead, and acted as if he expected me to move over, which I couldn't because there was another vehicle next to me, which you can see in the video."

He added: "Then he came racing around me and pulled in front of me, where he repeatedly slammed on the brakes and kept giving me the finger.

"It happens on a regular basis to lorry drivers all over the country, and there's not a lot you can say or do. It's pointless confronting them because it doesn't get you anywhere.

"People just don't stop and think about what's on the other side of us. We can't stop or move like a car can."

Simon works for a company in the Midlands, which is subcontracted for Gold Star, a transport company that is based in Marchwood.

He said: "We go to docks all over the country.

"Incidents like this can happen two or three times a week, and some weeks can be worse than others.

"I've been a lorry driver since 1992 and in that time we'll average anything between 50 and 100 events like this per year.

"I'm hoping this video can raise awareness for this type of incident and help prevent something similar happen in the future."