A CAR salesman "thought someone was trying to kill him" after a white van crashed into his car, pushing him for around 300 yards down a quiet residential road.

Devastated Lee Pearce felt like he was "in a horror movie" as the van smashed into the back of his blue modified MG, leaving it written off and him facing 10 months out of work.

The 27-year-old, who lives in Millbrook, had been visiting his mother and left her house on Meggeson Avenue at around 12.10am on Saturday morning.


But moments later as the father-of-two was driving down the Townhill Park road, his vehicle was battered by the transit van, that Mr Pearce described "as going as if it was driving at 70mph".

Mr Pearce told the Daily Echo: "It was if the driver put his pedal to the ground harder after he hit the car. He was pushing my car down the road for something like 300 yards.

"It was terrifying.

"I was screaming at him to stop but the vehicle just kept driving before I eventually struck a lamppost and the van then sped off."


He added: "I didn't know what was going on, it was as if someone was trying to kill me. It was like something from a horror movie."

His vehicle sustained critical damage around its back wheel arch after the collision with the van.

Mr Pearce saw his GP the next morning, who immediately called for an ambulance, and he was rushed to Southampton General Hospital to be checked over.

Doctors found he had damaged his trapezius, one of the major muscles in the back which is responsible for moving, rotating, and stabilizing the shoulder blade.

He was subsequently signed off from work for nearly a year, less than three weeks before Christmas.


And now Mr Pearce hopes the public can help him track down the van's driver.

"It's a worry now because I can't work," Mr Pearce said.

"I have no car, no money and a family to support.

"I want anyone who perhaps saw this van driver to get in contact to the police and bring him to justice."

Hampshire Constabulary confirmed it was looking for information following the incident, urging people to call 101, quoting reference 44180457329.

A spokesperson added: "The caller said he and his brother had been driving in Meggeson Avenue, Southampton, in a blue MG that was struck from behind by a white transit-style van. The van then drove off without stopping.

"The victim later reported he attended hospital with neck and back pain."