I am in increasing daily despair, of the continuing arrogance of the “Leave brigade”, from the man in the street, to our so called representatives in Parliament who are battling to the end, and by that I mean the end of democracy, and indeed this government!

For my part, they are traitors to my ancestors and in fact their own, who fought in two world wars, to keep Germany from ruling this country. They and France are the main leaders with the biggest voices of Europe. The arrogance continues with declaring that we who voted ‘leave’ are stupid, and didn’t know what we were voting for.

One of the things I voted for was to get back control of our open borders, so we can stop these known criminals, paedophiles, murderers terrorists, etc , just strolling into this country because of their “human rights” , to carry on their poison ways of life!

We lived very well before we went into the Common Market, as it was originally known, now it has got ridiculous, being told by Europe what we can and can’t do, and who can come here.

I have seen many governments come and go in my lifetime, all promising this and that, and we have done quite well. But this government are a disgrace, all trying to get their personal ladders up instead of helping build scaffolding.

Whatever we think of Theresa May, her courage has been amazing. How many ministers have scuttled off when the going got tough, and then have the audacity to chirp their opinions from the sidelines and to the media?

I fear that comrade Corbyn will take over the reigns if this isn’t sorted soon...

Terry Main