A ROW has broken out between the residents of 'Britain's most festive street'.

Byron Road in New Milton is famed for its annual lights display. But while many homeowners get into the festive spirit, others are now refusing to 'deck the halls' on principle.

Adam and Sallyanne Gibson say they are fed up with the chaos the display causes.

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Last year's event was advertised on local radio stations, and I'm a Celebrity star Harry Redknapp turned on the lights.

Daily Echo:

The couple, who have lived in the street for 12 years, said visitors in previous years have blocked their driveway, damaged their car and even sworn at them.

Mr Gibson, 52, said: "We used to put lights on our house but we stopped about two years ago as a point of principle really.

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"It's not the lights themselves that are the problem, it's everything else that comes with it.

"Too many people come down here now to look at them and it just gets too congested.

Daily Echo:

"We have come home on more than one occasion and found cars parked right across our driveway.

"When you ask them to move they say you're being miserable and swear at you.

"We've even tried leaving cones out but people just throw them out of the way and park anyway.

"One of the worst things is that you get families go to McDonald's which is nearby and bring it here and eat it while looking at the lights.

"We often wake up in the morning and there is rubbish bags and litter everywhere.

Daily Echo:

"Since the light display has been advertised on local radio and the like it's just got too big.

"We appreciate it is all for charity and that's amazing, but it is getting too much now."

Mrs Gibson, 48, said: "People may say it's just being a bit 'bah humbug' but when you ask them they wouldn't want to live here either."

The couple say others living in Byron Road feel the same way.

One male resident, who asked not to be named, said: "It's not the lights that are the problem, it is the traffic and cars.

Daily Echo:

"Ours is only a small street but the event has got too big for its own good."

The light display began 14 years ago by resident Ged Hollyoake and has grown year on year.

Mr Hollyoake takes responsibility for decorating a row of five terraced houses that include his with dazzling lights and inflatable Santas and snowmen and even pays the joint electricity bill of £250.

A further 10 properties also display lights. More than 1,000 people a night sometimes visit the street.

Over the years, the display has raised more than £70,000 for charity.