A DISGUSTED judge said a paedophile possessed the worst indecent image he had heard of in 30 years of sitting in court.

Judge Nicholas Rowland told family man Kelvin Brookes the child abuse image was “abhorrent and horrifying” and sentenced him to 18 months behind bars during the 40-year-old’s hearing at Southampton Crown Court.

Weeping, Brookes was told it was the actions of abusers like him that led to youngsters across the world being tortured for paedophile’s pleasures.

The court was told that Brookes had been caught distributing 84 category A images to six online users.

Edward Phillips, prosecuting, said Brookes, who admitted the charges, was also found in possession of more than 150 different category A, B and C moving images.

One of the images was described by Mr Phillips as “horrifying” and Brookes had received 200 requests for the image.

In mitigation, Mark Ashley said although Brookes had downloaded the images he was unaware he had shared them.

“He has lost his family, his job and his home,” Mr Ashley said.

“He was abused when he was younger and he was in a dark place when he viewed this material.”

In sentencing Brookes, Judge Rowland said: “The image was abhorrent. It means that as we sit here children around the world are being abused for the gratification of people like you.

“In all my 30 years of sitting in court, I have never heard of such a horrifying image.

“It amounts to the torture of a young child.

“It’s bad enough having to read about the image let alone think about the abuse this child suffered.

“It’s said on your behalf you were in a dark place but no doubt this child was in an even darker one.

“A custodial sentence is exactly what a civilised society demands in this case.”