HUGG homes, pop-up boxes – recycled shipping containers being made for somewhere to live (Echo, December 12).

The idea has been around for several years now and is a very cheap way to put a roof over your head, the cost of a 40ft-by-8ft container being less than £2,000 plus delivery costs.

With an outlay of, say, £10,000 it would be entirely possible to have accommodation dry, warm and comfortable in which to live.

The fly in the ointment, of course, is where do you site your newly transformed bijou, mock Tudor creation?

Planning restrictions and all which they entail would no doubt put the mockers on an individual’s aspirations of cheap home ownership even if only on a temporary basis.

Southampton’s Chapel Riverside development in Endle Street has sorted that problem and there are 22 recycled Hapag-Lloyd or Maersk container homes ready for occupation at a rip-off rent of around £650 per calender month. (Let’s have an arts centre for 30-odd million and the homeless can remain just that).

There is just one remote possibility and that being to approach a farmer or landowner for assistance who isn’t a member of the council.

Good luck.

Peter Green


Southampton City Council would like to clarify the following...

- The containers are bespoke modular units - and not a specific size.

- The council has already granted planning permission for 22 temporary homes.

- The council say the scheme does aim the help the homeless.