THE new traffic lights for cyclists at Itchen Bridge seem to either not be working correctly, or only working sporadically.

The purpose of the lights is they turn green for cyclists before motor vehicles, allowing us to safely turn right before oncoming vehicles start moving, or going straight on without being cut up by vehicles turning left.

However, on numerous occasions heading to town on my bike, the lights have turned green for both cars and bikes at the same time, causing near misses when drivers only put their left signal on at the very last moment.

On other occasions, I’ve been walking past the junction with not a cyclist in sight, yet the lights have turned green for cyclists first and then for vehicles moments later.

I’d like to know whether or not this is down to faulty sensors, or if it is somehow by design, as in its current state the system is just as dangerous as it used to be.

If I understood what triggered the lights to change, I could cycle more safely to anticipate these changes.

Sebastian Stungo