With Christmas finally here, we asked readers what are their plans for Christmas day.

Megan Bird, 23, health acre assistant, from Southampton, said: "I will be eating and drinking pretty much. I am lucky I am not working on Christmas Day but I work on Christmas Eve. I will be spending much of the time with my family."

Gloria Mastromauro, 25, marketing officer, from Southampton, said: "I'll go to see my in-laws and spend Christmas with them. It's the only time of the year when the family comes together and I can't wait to open my presents."

Harry Aymes, 24, software engineer, from Southampton, said: "I'm going to see my parents and my in-laws. I do love Christmas. I don't like the build up to it but I like Christmas Day and Christmas Eve."

Andrew Bennett, 53, kitchen manager, from Southampton, said: "I will be spending Christmas day with my wife in the afternoon.. I work in the morning but I will be home in the afternoon and we'll have Christmas dinner."