IT’S about time Southampton City Council considered reintroducing weekly bin collections.

The extra rubbish generated over the festive break graphically shows how the current collection rota is not fit for purpose.

We are only a two person household but our household waste bin is full to flowing a week before our due collection date.

So just where do we put the overspill?

It must be an even bigger headache for families of four members plus.

It has been said many times before but the civic fathers do not seem to heed the warning.

The city is in danger of being overrun by vermin if action is not taken soon to re-introduce weekly collections.

I am sure my words will be met by cries from this so called cash strapped local authority of “where do we find the money ?”

I suggest the council has a close look at its own household finances.

Cash from sky high salaries for council bosses and generous pension schemes, heavily subsidised by the council taxpayer, could be diverted to frontline services like bin collections.

They should act soon before this city, which is about to be hit by inflation council tax rises, is plagued by rats.