To the editor,

With regard to the report on the illegal Albanian crashing his car into a home on Leigh Road, I have a message for Crown Court Judge Gary Burrell QC:

Never mind saying that this miscreant "faces" deportation, he should say he will be deported as soon as possible.

Why wasn't he deported immediately?

Now that would be a proper punishment.

Instead, he'll get six months in of her majesty's five star hotels, courtesy of the tax payer.

Another immigrant to enrich our society as the politicians say.

So will he be deported?

Don't hold your breath.

What will be his excused as he desperately battles with legal aid to remain here?

Let's see - he'll suddenly remember he's gay or has a cat resident here.

What a joke our immigration policy has become.

Only an idiotic country run by humbskulls would tolerate this abuse of hospitality.

Which sadly we seem to have.

Mr Ray Sweeney