A COUPLE of days ago I took the dog for a walk and came across a very large fly-tip on the entrance to a railway crossing very near to B&Q, a place us old ones refer to as ‘bell crossing’.

I informed the Southampton council as I found HSBC bank statements for an address in Shirley, plus a few other receipts. I duly got a reply telling me that they were not interested as it was out of their jurisdiction, could I please inform the relevant council.

They could not pass on my email as they were concerned about the Data Protection Act. In the end I did not do it because it was a totally painful and drawn-out experience as I also had to register, then sign in, etc, etc. (This is my personal data.)

My question is: why do we allow beautiful countryside that compares with Constable paintings to be covered in concrete then allow morons to throw their rubbish over it? Who are these inept idiots that we pay on the council? If our taxes are going into the wages of incompetent people, we should ask why. The rubbish came from their council.

I really do think it is long past time for the public to start shouting long and hard at people who are there to work for us and to do a proper job.

I am sick and tired of standard replies which are nothing but excuses from inept workers.

James Wyatt