I SEE that Eastleigh’s Conservative MP got a joke book in her Christmas stocking: ‘Well-worn Tory Smears of the Liberal Democrats’.

Over the 25 years of Lib Dem control in Eastleigh, whenever an increase in members’ allowances is proposed the Tories have spoken against it. It was such a purely routine smear that when the Tory leader sat down the rest of us used to sigh ‘That old chestnut again!’

We all knew that it was hot air for public consumption and a cheap headline in the press, because when the extra money turned up in their monthly pay cheques they took it the same as the rest of us. I think most people would describe the Tory position as ‘two faced’.

In view of Ms Davies’ opposition, I look forward to seeing the Conservative councillors in Eastleigh refusing to accept the increase this time. I’m not holding my breath.

On the matter of the borough council’s debts, they are far outweighed by its assets and Ms Davies’ own government is actively encouraging other councils up and down the country to follow where Eastleigh leads.

If, as she claims, “more and more of my constituents are (worried) by the crippling debt” then how does she explain that in the all-up elections last May, 32 Lib Dems were elected and only four Conservatives?

The truth is, the people of Eastleigh are so satisfied with the way the Lib Dems run the council that they’ve kept them in control without a break for a quarter of a century.

Ms Davies will have to do rather better than trot out well-worn smears and dubious claims about voters’ concerns if she expects to be taken seriously.

Martin Kyrle

Chandler’s Ford