I WAS surprised to read the Soapbox letter of January 2 calling for weekly bin collections in Southampton.

The writer, from a two person household, states that their household waste bin is overfull a week before the bin collection date.

I am a single person household and have a small household waste bin.

My bin is rarely more than a quarter full on the collection date, so I find it hard to see how a two person household would have a problem.

I recycle everything that can be recycled, and squash up cartons, boxes and tins so that they take up less space in my bins.

I also try to avoid buying things that contain a lot of non-recyclable packaging, although that is not always possible.

The Echo could do a lot more to encourage its readers to take a positive view towards the two-weekly collections, rather than appearing to do the opposite.

After all, Eastleigh has managed without weekly collections for years now.