WEBB Charlie Dad No more suffering, no more pain, we will meet again one day. Sleep tight Dad Love always Your Heart Broken Son Gordon, Lindsey, Granchildren Gemma, Dayna and Baby Charlie and Baby Alfie XX X X X X DAD (POP) My Dad, my friend, my hero. Sadly passed away Christmas Eve, no more suffering Pop, no more pain. A Dad in a million, always there for us in good times, bad times and sad times. A true gentleman I will miss the wind up's, the banter and the many laughs and jokes we shared Pop. The Grandchildren will miss you tickling them and your cheeky laugh and grin. We will look after Mum as you wished for. You will be forever in my heart Pop and forever in my thoughts, till we meet again Rest in peace Dad Love from your Son Charlie, Lisa, Grandchildren Lexy, Paisley, Ernie boy, Saffron, Ava, Florence, Ivory and Toby X X X X X X X X X X