NEW Year’s Eve must surely go down as one of the noisiest ever!

From 5pm onwards, we in Shirley were consistently bombarded with firework explosions arriving at a crescendo at midnight, and continuing well into the new year!

We’d already endured fireworks the previous two nights as well. There was no escape.

I don’t want to seem a killjoy but there is a limit to the level of fireworks one should be expected to tolerate!

This annual assault is making me angry for the lack of respect shown to others. Some measures of control are needed.

Consulting on the problem previously with MP Royston Smith was an absolute waste of time and he didn’t seem overly concerned!

My dearest desire would be for the UK to adopt the Australian policy of just properly organised displays.

No home sales, as it has got so out of hand.

I always live in hope, but I don’t hold my breath!

Richard A Jacob