A SOUTHAMPTON satirist said he is “satisfied” after a five minute chat with a pub tycoon.

Bass player Grant Sharkey put some searching questions to Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin when the outspoken businessman visited one of his Southampton pubs.

As reported Mr Martin was in the city as part of his UK wide pro-Brexit tour.

The entrepreneur has visited hundreds of pubs around the country in a bid to get customers on board with leaving the EU.

He spent just under an hour at High Street’s The Standing Order where around 20 people came to listen to him speak.

Hythe musician Grant Sharkey was given a five minute slot with the Brexiteer after Grant sent him the lyrics to his song Spoons which is critical of the pub chain and its founder’s right wing views.

Speaking to Grant, Mr Martin said he “didn’t know” if climate change is real, and that he intends to pass on savings made from leaving the EU to his workers.

Grant also asked Mr Martin to work with anti-racist group Hope Not Hate to denounce the far right.

Grant asked: “I’m not a massive fan of neo-Nazis. A lot of the posters I see often use Wetherspoons as a meeting point for various rallies. Is there a way you could work with Hope Not Hate to denounce the far right?”

Mr Martin replied: “My view is that democracy and the rule of law are the keys to this and it’s absolutely vital that people get the chance to debate things without fear of intimidation and that’s when it steps over the line to becoming completely unacceptable. Debate is the key to our future as a human race.”

Speaking to the Echo afterwards Grant said: “I’m satisfied.

“Obviously he’s not going to say I hate the far right and he’s not going to say ‘I believe in climate change completely’ but at the same time they were difficult questions and at least he answered them.

“That’s a lot more ballsy than a lot of people on the internet."

As reported a spokesperson for Mr Martin was initially angered by Grant’s song lyrics but later admitted Grant was “a very nice man.”