IT IS the Winchester pub keeping the city's live music scene at its best.

The Hyde Tavern in Hyde Street has an array of gigs lined up for 2019 as part of its biggest music programme yet.

Landlady Janet Theodore, who has been the leaseholder at the pub for 11 years, works closely with her daughters to keep the acts coming to Winchester.

She said: "There's an important music scene here. One of my daughters provides the artwork for the gigs and my youngest is a singer who works in London a lot.

"She ends up bringing a lot of the best names down here.

"All of our music shows are held down in the cellar which holds 35 people, so it's always sold out! But the close environment is something different for everyone."

Later in the year, The Hyde Tavern will play host to dozens of artists, including Elvis Mcgonagall, and emerging singer-song writer Brooke Sharkey.

The Winchester Folk Club is also held at the pub, which offers frequent folk performances and bi-weekly group singing events.

But it is not just the music that keeps the regulars coming back.

Janet said: "It's definitely not a boozer in here. We see it more as a community-led centre.

"We don't do food, but for £1 people can buy a plate and some cutlery for the night and order whatever food they like to the doorstep.

"Being dog friendly helps, too, because people don't have to worry about leaving their dogs at home."

The landlady explained that the pub dog, Jim, gets a treat for every piece of rubbish he gets from the floor and puts in the bin.

She said: "He does get a lot of treats, but he does a good job at keeping the floor clean!"

Most of the drinks on offer at the tavern are locally sourced, with the best seller being Flower Pots Ale, which comes from Cheriton.

Janet said: "This is a real pub. Only five people work here on an hourly basis, but we make it work and it's a real treasure to have our regulars.

"Having said that, newcomers are always welcome. We make sure they settle in very quickly."