THE ULTIMATE Michael Jackson Tribute star is moonwalking his way towards Southampton.

The live show, Michael starring Ben, will visit the Southampton O2 Guildhall on March 23.

This year marks a decade since the death of Michael Jackson, and Ben Bowman will be embarking on his UK tour, with more than 40 dates to celebrate the life and work of one of the most popular and influential entertainers ever.

Speaking about the show and his hero, Ben said: "I was always enchanted by how people reacted to Michael, the way they screamed and became hysterical.

"I love that we, as a team, are able to provoke that kind of reaction from a crowd.

"I love the screaming crying girls. They're my favourite.

"I feel so honoured to have been able to use my talent here on earth to channel Michael's legacy, and I will do it for as long as I possibly can in homage to him making me the person I am today."

Ben who claims to look and sound like Michael Jackson, was just eight-years-old when he got the chance to see his hero live in concert.

He was already a devoted fan, but the experience sealed his fate to become a life-long career as a tribute artist artist to the star.

Roughly 25 years later, Ben is in demand around the world for his shows, which have been labelled as the most exciting tribute to the King of Pop to have toured UK theatres.

The Michael starring Ben show features Michael Jackson's greatest hits, but also hits from the Jackson 5.

The show includes Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean and Man in the Mirror amongst others.

It incorporates a live band, costumes and the iconic dance moves.

The show will also be performed at the Winchester Guildhall on September 6.