NEWS reports of the death of the high street are not exaggerated, and your local council is partly responsible. Southampton will never see another penny from my wallet again.

On a recent family day trip from Bournemouth, I parked my car at the harbourside car park.

The bay in which I parked had a sign immediately in front with details to pay by phone. This I did. I got a parking ticket.

It seems this car park is split in two zones and has two operators. I wrote to the council explaining how poor the signing is and that I did pay but with the wrong operator.

My appeal was denied despite showing proof of payment and photos of the locality.

I have paid the fine but will never bring my family back to Southampton again. We are only four people but four people fewer returning to spend money in the local economy.

Thanks for the rant. We did have a lovely day, by the way.

Martin Byrne