“Don’t wanna be an American idiot

Don't want a nation under new media”

If heed was to be taken of these lyrics, I should probably cease typing immediatley  - but then how would I help spread the word about how incredible American Idiot is?

The Tony and Grammy award winning show is back at the Mayflower Theatre as part of its tenth anniversary tour.

The show delivers Green Day’s classic American Idiot album with raw energy and punk panache - never slowing down - never holding back the punches

Daily Echo:

It’s the story of three childhood friends who are trying to find their own way in life amid post 9/11 confusion and paranoia.

As their lives unravel, splintering in multiple directions, their friendships with each other, as well as with those around them, are put to the test.

Each of their stories evoke a roller-coaster ride of emotions with highs, lows and and a few twists along the way. There’s joy, sorrow, hope, despair and everything in between.

Dialogue between the songs is sparse and consequently there is paucity to the narrative. The result is a true rock opera as opposed to a traditional musical.

This is fine though as it’s really a celebration of the music and recognition of just how clever Billie Joe Armstrong’s lyrics really are.

The set is grim but well crafted and includes a well-used toilet as well as a dirty old sofa. The whole thing makes you question when you last had a tetanus jab.

The performances, not just from the main three, but the entire ensemble, were sublime - each word spoken or sung was clear and every action well defined.

In seeing the show, I fulfilled Green Day’s hopes - I had the time of my life.