BREXIT: the most hated word in the English language.

With so much confusion and disagreement over Brexit by all political parties and the deadline just a short distance away, no complete solution has yet been found acceptable by all parliamentarians.

Basically most MPs are not logical thinkers and unable to think outside the box for a more acceptable solution.

However, one MEP, David Campbell Bannerman, may have come up with a solution that would solve the deadlock which may be acceptable to all.

Bannerman’s thoughts are to have a managed two-year no-deal with no EU tariffs, thus avoiding a £39 billion divorce bill to Brussels.

This, in essence, is that we could invoke Article 24 of the general agreement on tariffs and trade [GATT] thus allowing the UK and EU to continue to trade Ctariff-free thus allowing the UK and EU time to agree free trade deals.

This way we could continue pre-March 29 trading arrangements without interruption.

The more I think about it, it could it be the answer to our prayers.

Allan Foxall