I AM getting tired of people praising Theresa May for her resilience. I would describe her as being reckless for putting this country and millions of livelihoods on the brink of economic disaster.

She might have been handed a poison Brexit chalice by David Cameron but with her shambolic negotiations we have been going round in circles. After more than two years it is still deadlock and the rest of the world, let alone Europe, must be laughing at us.

Many people are burying their heads in the sand with this stiff British upper lip attitude of “it will be alright on the night”. It is about time people woke up, smelt the coffee and see that we are drifting into oblivion. And Theresa May is at the tiller.

Brexit blues are already hitting the commercial world with companies pulling out of the UK and others threatening to follow suit. There are reports of stockpiling of food, fears of a shortage of manufacturing materials and that medicines could run out.

Whatever happens, this whole Brexit farce is going to cost this nation a fortune. But the rich will get richer as they play casino banking with the stock markets while the poorer and vulnerable members of society will undoubtedly suffer.

Theresa May suffered a record 230 vote defeat in the Commons – the biggest loss by any Prime Minister – but soldiers on after winning a vote of confidence.

She is a classic example of failure forward which is plaguing every aspect of life in this country today.

Now it looks as if her Plan B could be torpedoed. The clock is ticking on a Brexit solution but time has run out for this lame duck prime minister.