WHOMEVER is responsible in Southampton City Council for the changing of the phasing of the traffic lights at Regents Park should look at what impact this is having there.

The traffic build-up cannot just be blamed on the reconstruction of Millbrook Roundabout but on the change to the sequence of traffic lights. Several times I have seen the horrendous sight of emergency vehicles with blue lights and sirens trying to get through but cannot until the lights change to allow traffic to let them pass.

The main flow from Redbridge to Southampton has to wait until traffic from Regents Park Road, followed by traffic from Millbrook Point Road and then finally traffic turning right from Millbrook Road into Regents Park Road. Why can't the sequence be Regents Park Road, Millbrook Road, Millbrook Point Road, Millbrook Road, right-turning traffic, Millbrook Road?

This delay on the main Millbrook Road is causing the huge tailbacks in both directions but the most disturbing thing is that it may well be an issue of life or death for an ambulance trying to negotiate this gridlock. This chaos is set to continue until the roundabout is completed but will the phasing just continue the same after its completion?

Mr A Lynn