SOUTHAMPTON seems to be undergoing a pandemic of fly-tipping and street littering.

Woolston, Shirley and no doubt other areas are being regularly plagued by people indiscriminately dumping unsavoury rubbish and others also blighting the city with discarded litter.

Some people have no shame, and few people seem to care about the environment they live in. Residents, apart from a some community groups, seem unwilling to even clean up litter in their surrounding streets. Someone else’s problem, it appears!

The small number of street cleaners the council employs are fighting a losing battle in trying to keep the area litter-free.

Fly-tipping removal crews are also fully engaged daily in clearing waste, but still it goes on unabated.

The city recycling areas are open for business, but some can`t even be bother to take their waste there, choosing just to dump in the street!

Britain historically has never been the tidiest of nations, sadly, but it has got worse over decades, with few effective deterrents, costing the country billions of pounds in clean up costs, public money that could be put to better use, if only people of our nation were more contentious in their disposal of waste!

Richard A Jacob