ACTRESS and new mother Billie Piper ‘does not feel safe’ in her own home after an obsessive Hampshire stalker Philip Jerome sent her an 18-page message when she didn’t attend a court hearing at which he was banned from contacting her, magistrates heard today.

The 36-year-old – who gave birth to third child, Tallulah, last month – was forced to seek a restraining order on ‘obsessive’ Eastleigh man Philip Jerome last year after he turned up at her house with a letter for her.

A court heard today after being banned from contacting her, Jerome, 41, sent a lengthy Facebook message of ‘adoration’ to the actress via her mother and sister after tracking them down on the social networking site.

In the message, Jerome told her he was disappointed she had not been at court when he was given the restraining order.

Daily Echo:

Despite being banned from contacting her, Jerome has continued to obsessively tweet Miss Piper, including telling her ‘I love you’ on her birthday in September, with a picture of her as Rose Tyler in Doctor Who attached.

Jerome has bombarded the Dr Who actress and Because We Want To singer with tweets since setting up his account eight years ago.

His first tweet from the account was sent to Piper, with a picture of the first time he met her at a signing for her book Growing Pains, taken in 2006, attached.

In September 2016, Jerome revealed he wished the Secret Diary of a Call Girl star would ‘choose a boring guy like me’ as a boyfriend.

Southampton Magistrates’ Court, heard Miss Piper no longer felt ‘safe’ in her own home, concerned he may show up again.

Prosecutor Graham Heath told the court yesterday that Jerome had a large collection of newspaper cuttings and pictures of Miss Piper at his home in The Crescent, which had been found by police when they arrested him.

Mr Heath said: “On August 23, last year, a Facebook message was sent to two people. Miss Piper’s sister, Harley, and her mother, Mandy Kent.

“As one might expect, neither of those are friends of his on Facebook, he has researched and found out their identities, and satisfied himself they were their accounts.

Daily Echo:

“It was a long message, which runs to some 18 pages. There’s nothing menacing in the letter, I suppose it might well be treated as adoration in other circumstances.

“He clearly refers to meeting with her at a book signing over a decade ago and there’s some long-standing attraction.

“There’s some degree of unrealism in relation to the circumstances. He clearly thinks there’s a relationship between them.”

In a statement, the star said: “The letter indicates his disappointment at not seeing me at court.

“I do not feel safe being at home. I do not believe he would show up and hurt me, however, I don’t know that for sure.”

Jerome admitted one count of harassment by breaching a restraining order.

He was ordered to carry out 28 rehabilitation days to try and stop him becoming obsessed and 100 hours of unpaid work.

Mitigating, Sarah Barnard said: “The letter is one of apology and adoration. It is not meant, in any way, to offend. It is misplaced adoration.

“If he does not get help, he will likely be before a court again – not in relation to Billie Piper, but another person.”