A SOUTHAMPTON mum has called for action after she was hit by a car walking her daughter home from school.

Sue Kelly was walking her eight-year-old daughter home from St Mark’s C of E Primary School, Stafford Road, on Thursday, when she was hit by a car that mounted the pavement.

The 41-year-old was walking past Banister Primary School, in Archers Road, at around 3.25pm, as parents were picking their children up from the school.

The full-time university student is now calling for action to be taken, to avoid a bigger incident.

Sue, who lives in the city centre, said: “The traffic outside Banister Park School is awful, with parents picking up their children.

“We were walking home and we go past there, and it’s always horrendous with parents parking on kerbs and everything. I always think there’s going to be an accident.

“As we walked by, a couple of parents shouted “watch out” and I felt the car go into the back of my leg.

“I shouted loudly and my girl was panicking. I looked in the window, and there was a man in the car, but his children jumped in and he quickly drove off.

“I went into the school and the staff helped me and I wrote them a statement.”

She has now called for something to be done, with fear that it could have been her daughter.

Sue added: “If that was my daughter it would have definitely hit her over.

“There is going to be a bigger accident.”

A Hampshire policd spokesperson said: “We received a report at 3.56pm on February 7 of a fail to stop collision which took place outside Banister School in Southampton.

“A car and a pedestrian were involved. The pedestrian was uninjured.

“There are no further lines of enquiry at this time, and on the basis of the evidence presented to police a decision has been made to file this investigation pending further information coming to light.

“If information is supplied to us that enables officers to progress an investigation then we will of course make further enquiries.”

Dave Hockin, business manager at Banister Primary, said: “It’s an issue we have, and have had for a while, and we have many parents who are very law abiding, but there is a small number who don’t agree.

“We have kept reminders, and the governors will be talking to parents. I’m delighted that Mrs Kelly isn’t badly hurt.”