POLICE say they have received more reports of aggressive begging in Southampton, a month after issuing a warning.

Officers say there have been a number of incidents in the city where motorists have been approached at traffic lights at night and asked for money.

Some road users have reported that beggars have tried to open car doors when turned away.

Many of the reports have come from Regents Park but police have had reports from other areas.

Motorists were advised that if they did not want to engage with the individuals they should lock their doors, keep the vehicle secure and call 101.

Now, police have upped patrols in areas such as Shirley and in some cases, are even in the process of obtaining Criminal Behaviour Orders (CBOs) to stop individuals begging in the city.

Chief Inspector Phil Lamb said: “

This is not a matter for the police to tackle alone, this kind of anti-social behaviour and begging calls for a multi-agency, holistic approach that centres on working in partnership with supporting agencies.

“We will continue to take opportunities through the criminal justice system, such as obtaining CBOs, to reduce this kind of threatening behaviour.

“We have staff who are tasked to conduct high visibility patrols on Shirley High Street, but who also focus on our priorities in the city such as serious violence, commercial and street robberies, knife crime, drug related violence and domestic abuse.”