GRITTERS will be out in force in Southampton tonight, as temperatures look set to drop.

According to the MET Office, temperatures in Southampton will drop to 7 degrees celcius at 6pm.

Southampton City Council's Highways team took to social media inform residents that gritters will be out on priority routes.

The post read: "It's going to be a cold one tonight with temperatures predicted to drop.

"We'll be out gritting priority routes from 7pm today."

Highways England confirmed that no decision has been made yet, but a further meeting will be held to make a further decision.

A spokesperson said: No decision has yet been made to grit the Strategic Road Network.

"However, there will be a further meeting at 6pm to assess the temperatures with the Met Office when a further decision will be taken on whether to do so or not."

The M3 and M27 are included in the Strategic Road Network.