THE DAILY Echo remembers life in Southampton in February 1989 - made easier by images from Daily Echo photographers of the time.

Hampshire showed its philanthropistic nature by having a grand launch of Comic Relief month at Ocean Village. The town crier's bell sounded as those in attendance prepared for a busy spell of fundraising.

A couple of doctors raised cash in fancy-dress by hitchhiking to Northern Ireland. They set off from the Bank of Ireland in Southampton.

While these pictures show more of what was happening locally that month, this is what was happening nationally:

February 5

The first satellite TV service was broadcast in Britain by Sky Television.

February 11

The first episode of Home and Away was aired on ITV. The Australian soap was launched the year prior in its homeland.

Daily Echo:

Weston Park Boys School football team- picture taken February 1989

February 14

Author Salman Rushdie became the target of a fatwa by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran. This was in reaction to the publication of his controversial book The Satanic Verses which caused outrage among the Islamic community.

February 20

Clive Barracks were damaged in a bombing after two IRA bombers activated two bombs within the accommodation barracks at Tern Hill. The two men were spotted acting suspiciously beforehand and the barracks evacuated. No lives were lost.

Daily Echo:

Hampshire Youth Concert Band - picture taken February 1989

February 23

After four years of playing the popular Den Watts in BBC's Eastenders, Leslie Grantham left the cast. Watts was seemingly killed in an episode watched by over 20 million.

Check out the gallery above to see pictures taken by Daily Echo photographers in February 1989.