IN the Daily Echo February 11, three men answered the question logically that a driver should not be made to finish driving on an age basis.

I am an 83-year-old who drives a 2.5 litre car and enjoys every moment I drive.

I feel very confident because every 2 years I have a driver appraisal by the Driver Skills Scheme 60+, run by the Hampshire County Council and my eyes tested every year and to day, have passed each appraisal with very god marks.

I don’t disagree that many older drivers have lax their driver skills and should be retested on regular occasions.

I will also add that many under 60’s need retesting too.

Those over 60 can telephone Winchester 0300551375 to go on the Drivers Skills Scheme 60+.

There is no worry that you can lose your license.

Younger drivers can also improve their driving by the Institute of Advanced Motoring. Drive safe, drive confident.

Cyril Andrews

North Baddesley