SOUTHAMPTON'S Happy Hotdog Man, Ian Kruger, is once again in court for selling his hotdogs on Above Bar Street – despite already being told he couldn’t.

We asked the public whether they thought it was right the well-know vendor was back in court.

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  • Jamie Rickman, 20, a sales assistant from Millbrook said: "No, I don't think he should be in court. He's harmless and helping the public by bringing a smile to everyone's day. People come to town to enjoy themsleves and he helps people to do that with his food, spirit and dancing!"
  • Sarah Wheeler, 18, a cleaner from Langley said: "He is making his own money because he doesn't want to take off the council. I don't see why there is such a problem with this. He makes people happy and smile and I think we need more of that in the world."
  • Heather Malcom, 19, who is currently unemployed from Southampton said: "I think it is wrong. He doesn't deserve that he is such a genuine nice guy. He used to give us free hotdogs on a Friday and he is just a very friendly man. Although I can see why they might be doing this because he doesn't have a permit, I don't think they should take him to court."
  • Jack Marlow, 24, a supervisor from Sholing said: "I don't think he should be in court. He's not harming anyone in anyway, he just makes people smile and gives them food. I think he's great he always makes me laugh when I see him, it's sad to see him in court again."