POLICE are investigating a crash in Winchester after CCTV footage showed a car ploughing into a wall at the bottom of a steep hill.

Officers were called to Battery Hill in Stanmore around 1.20pm on Monday after an Audi A4 collided with the low lying wall on the junction with Mildmay Street, outside St Luke's Church.

The Vicar, Rev Mike Gardner, has been at the church more than a decade, and said it was the third incident involving the wall in the last four years.

He said: "Four years ago a lorry hit it whilst turning and two years ago a car skidded on ice.

"But this time, having speed as the main factor, it's lucky that it was a grey day, so no children were playing on the street as they usually do."

He added: "We can wait for a wall to be rebuilt and are grateful it was nothing more serious. A sign indicating the 90 degree turn should be placed because for newcomers it can be difficult to keep a slower speed down the hill."

A spokesman for Hampshire Police confirmed a 32-year-old man from Winchester was taken to hospital for treatment for minor injuries.

The spokesman added enquiries are ongoing into circumstances surrounding the crash, which took place during half term holidays while many children were out and about, enjoying time off school.

A mother-of-five in Battery Hill, who wished to remain anonymous, said she saw a man exiting the car and heading towards the shops in Wavell Way on his phone.

She said: "My kids had just started walking to the park, so when I heard the bang I shot straight outside.

The woman claimed he had been "flying down the hill at about 45mph". The road has a 20mph speed limit.

She added: "He told us that his brakes failed. I offered him to come to my house and calm down a little, have a drink and settle down, but he just walked up the road.

"People are always speeding down this road, it's stupid. It's such a tight corner at the bottom. I think some chicanes should be placed further up the hill to slow people down before it's too late.

"My kids are between three and 18, but with people going down the hill that fast, it's not just the young ones I worry about."

A number of people have taken to social media to call for action on the road.

It follows CCTV footage of the incident being uploaded to Facebook by Battery Hill resident Andrew Masham.

Marie Woodhouse commented: "Something needs to be done. There could have been kids on that corner playing as they usually do. God forbid what could have happened.

Winchester City Councillor Martin Tod replied: "Appalling..."