SOUTHAMPTON seems to have some contradictory by-laws.

Ian Kruger, the Happy Hot Dog man is prevented from trading in the city’s pedestrian precinct, the council citing that “pedestrian safety should not be compromised and that sufficient space is available in an emergency” as the reason!

Considering his hot dog stand is on wheels and is mobile I fail to see the logic, compared with the static Christmas Market, and also the weekly market stalls in the same area.

The more likely reason is all to do with money.

Ian has a peddler’s licence for his little outfit, not apparently recognised by the city officers, up against the council’s requirement from traders occupying the stalls of a daily rate of something in the region of £60 per single pitch.

It`s nothing to do with pedestrian H&S or emergency access.

If it was, then why are the homeless and buskers permitted to obstruct the precinct?

Richard A Jacob