With the 39th annual Brit Awards set to broadcast on ITV tonight, we asked readers who they their favourite singer or band is of all time.

  • Sheila Payne, 80, retired, worked at the Princess Ann hospital, from Shirley said: "I would say Neil Diamond, I have been a fan of his for years and I have seen him live."
  • Sara Hodgkinson, 52, unemployed, from Millbrook said: "Definitely Queen.

"They were so awesome and Freddie Mercury was just amazing."

  • Sonia Webb, 58, works in a supermarket, from Millbrook said: "I'd say Michael Jackson as I liked most of his songs.

"I also really like Adele."

  • Will Dodd, 23, works in a bakery, from Shirley said: "I love Adele.

"I would love to see her live and I really like her laugh."