I AM writing to express my absolute horror at the situation of the many homeless people in and around our everyday lives.

Today, I met a young man sat outside of Poundworld in Totton. I spoke to him, and asked him his story, of how he had come to sitting with a woollen hat,to beg money?

He was the most polite individual, who explained to me that he had suffered a nervous breakdown. He had witnessed the stillbirth of his baby daughter, which resulted in his downward spiral, and in him losing his job.

He also told me that because he didn’t have a drink or a drug problem, he is not considered to be in need of help.

I found his situation heartbreaking and although I am not in a situation to home someone, felt I wanted to offer him a couch and a meal, breaking the rules of my oh so marvellous council accommodation. This is the insufferable misery that our government has created, and as a 61-year-old, I never thought I would see, in my lifetime?

This man has been on the street for a year, which is an absolute outrage. Shame on all of you government officials. I am sorely tempted to go and find this guy tomorrow and offer him some sanctuary!

Graham Garrett