I AM very sad to have read the news regarding the destruction of the Pleasure Park at the sports centre.

Although I think it's a blessing in disguise, because since the original owners of the park, Betty and Don Salter, passed away the park has lost its charm and looks very shabby, as does a large part of

the sports centre.

When Betty and Don ran the site, they were brilliant hosts, with genuine enthusiasm and the children had so much fun.

The rides were well maintained and the pleasure park looked great. After Betty and Don died, it was left to the two sons, Fred and Gary to carry on the work.

For whatever the reason, the Pleasure Park has not looked great for a few years now.

So what next?

Will the council put out a tender for a new pleasure park?

That would be great as the area does need an uplift.

My guess is that the council will come up with a lame excuse about not having the finances.

I look forward to seeing what happens next.

Charlie Arnold