PASSENGERS using Southampton Airport are facing delays this morning after private plane landing experienced a blow-out on its front wheel.

The airport has advised travellers that there are delays of up to 30 minutes following the incident and that the delays are likey to continue until 11am.

Some flights are njow being diverted to Bournemouth.

A picture shows a small plane stranded on the runway with engineers working underneath the fuselage.

 An airport spokesperson said  "We are slowing moving the plane off the runway."

The spokesperson added: "Because of the way the tyre burst we can't just tow the plane away."

The airport say they are unable to give out details of the aircraft's owner

Earlier an airport statement says: "So this little one is holding up our runway operations.

"Our teams are working extremely hard, which is not as easy as you'd expect.

"They say it's the small ones you've got to watch!

"We will update you as soon as the runway is cleared.

"Thank you for your patience."

Flights to Edinburgh, Leeds, Glasgow, Amsterdam and Manchester are currently delayed, while services from Dublin and Newcastle will arrive later than scheduled.